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Join our team at Pennington Junior School

From time to time we have vacancies for staff at Pennington Junior School, roles include:


  • Full and Part time teachers
  • School Admin Staff
  • Classroom assistants
  • Learning Support Assistants (LSA)
  • Caretaker
  • Subjects Specialists
  • School Kitchen Staff.


We also from time to time have vacancies for community volunteers who help ensure our school is an amazing, safe and rewarding enviroment for our children. If you have a talent or skill that you feel our school would benefit from them please contact us with more details.



Volunteer Vacancies: Activities Club Facilitators

We are looking for willing parents/carers to help support the Activities Club on Friday evenings. 

We have a fantastic number of children attending and we are lucky that a small group of amazing volunteer parents and staff are currently doing a brilliant job of running things every week.  If we had more people to willing to support, it would take the pressure off individual volunteers as they wouldn't have to come every week. If you are interested in helping, we can raise a DBS check quickly and even if you can only help once or twice a half term, it would really help.

Contact us by email, ask at the school office or catch Mrs Richards in the playground if you are interested in being involved.


Volunteer Vacancies: PTA

We are looking for willing parents/carers to help support the PTA.

We have a fantastic group of amazing volunteer parents and staff who run our PTA, roles including helping with cake stalls, running school discos, oraginising raffles and fundraising events, working with the community and with children within school - it is a great way to make new friends, get to know your children's friends and make a difference within the school community.

Contact us by email, ask at the school office or catch Mrs Richards in the playground if you are interested in being involved..

Volunteer Vacancies:

We are always looking for volunteers, current vacancies include:


  • Readers / listeners - could you come into school regularly at a fixed time slot and listen to one child or a group of children read out loud. We would love to hear from you.
  • Landscaper - we would love to do more in our grounds, funds are limited but if you are interested in a new project, want to do something that could benefit all the children in our school we would to hear from you. Perhaps you have a quiet few weeks or need a project for your apprentice to work on - our school could be the perfect place.
  • Painter and Decorator - could you help brighten up our school?
  • Fundraiser - we would love to raise enough funds for a new outdoor play space for the children - can you commit to regularly fundraising for us, or can you do a one off event - run a 10k, hold a raffle, double our fundraising with a scheme for your work - talk to us!
  • Sponsorship - do you work somewhere where they offer sponsorships - we have a wish list ready and waiting... if your employer can sponsor some equipment or school sports wear - please talk to us!
  • Gardeners - we would love to run a gardening club, are you missing a garden, could you help us plant, seeds, grow on our food and keep an eye on it in the school holidays - by watering etc.
  • Just Giving or similar Co-ordinator - we would love to set up an online source for fundraising for school equipment - have you the time to get us through the set up process, liase with relevant parties and ensure we get the best deal for the school. We would love the for the children and parents to  to be able to sponsored online through school events or their own personal challenges with the money collected at time of sponsor. Are you that person?


Pop into the school office or contact us with details of how you can help. If your role involves working with children you will need to undertake a DBS but we can arrange that for you.


For information on vacancies please contact the school office on 01590 672104 or email