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Google Classroom FAQ


We are doing homelearning via Google Classsrooms - the link the children need is here: - the log on instructions are explained here: - along with the latest updates.


We are going to add any frequently asked questions to this page and on facebook - so please check to see if your question has already been asked. Please refesh the page to ensure you are seeing the latest version.

As questions come up I will try and support and add to this list.
We are in school (during school hours) for those that need support. Please get in touch via the school office.

Latest Remote Learning Information

The latest remote learning information and a how to guide are now featured on our Remote Learning page.


How to access google classrooms or your X-box or Playstation?


We have come accross a useful article explaining how to get access on your X-box 1 or playstation 4  or newer- we have not tried it as we do not have gaming devices here... but we would be happy to hear your success stories. Mrs Hoyle

Mrs Lavis from Lymington Junior Schcool kindlly also told us:

You'll need a USB keyboard and these can be purchased on Amazon for around £10.

The following video shows you how to log in:

We are unable to use Google Classrooms...


We are creating a list of families whom are unable to use google classrooms - please check with your child first - as some children can use and are familiar with the interface when their parents are not - as we have been using it in school since November on some occasions.


  • If you do not have a device to access the internet at home, then please contact the school office, thanks to a local community appeal we have been donated and have available a small supply of devices that are ready for home use.


  • Some families  would prefer paper work to be sent home,  Our priority is at first the children in school, then those whom can access the google classrooms - but it would be helpful to know if this effects you so please email the office if your are affected, as we work on getting paper versions, please note these will need to be hand delivered. (as too expensive and time delay to post).


Help the Work looks Blank?

I know that for some of you, you are getting messages back to say the work is blank.  I have set up a test child in your classes so that I can see what you can see.  This is what I think you need to do to make it work!


  1. You can view your assignments in the 'Stream' tab or 'Classwork'.  If you go through 'Classwork', it is better to click on the little 'View Your Work' icon as from here, you can open up the files fully.
  2. Click on the assignment that you want to work on and then 'view details'.    If you go in through 'stream' tab, you can just click on the assignment and you can open it.
  3.  Look at any documents, videos, PowerPoints and read the task instructions.  When you are ready to complete the task, you will find the task in the box on the right hand side.
  4. Click on the document to open it and then click on 'Open with Google Docs' which is at the top.
  5. Complete the work.  It will automatically keep saving it.  When you have finished, just close the window on your browser.
  6. On your previous tab with the original document on, close the document using the back arrow on the black part of the screen (left top corner of the browser window and not the internet tab)
  7. Now click on 'add or create' in the 'Your Work' box.  Select 'Google Drive' and then click on the document you want to add.  Then click on 'INSERT'
  8. You can remove any additional documents in the box that you don't need to submit.
  9. Finally, click on 'Turn In'.

Mrs Forrest

Struggling to Log in?

We know some families are struggling to log in - we are hoping this might help.


Help, we lost our work!


For those of you who may be worried that you have lost any work, check in your 'Google Drive' as it should be there.  It does a clever automatic save!  You can access your google drive by clicking on the square of 9 dots in the top right corner of the window.

A few google classroom pointers:


  • Work will be set daily but at the moment we are not running 'live' teaching sessions, so you can access this at any point of the day.
  • If you have only just set up, I/we may need to allocate work to you, as you would not have been in virtual classroom when work was set.


I can't type on the document:


  • If it is a PDF document, you cannot edit online, so complete with pen and paper- if you want to submit, send as a photo.
  • A word document can be edited and submitted.


I can't submit the work completed?

Check out the video on the Remote Learning Page.

Zara Flood kindly shared these screen shots with us on how to submit the data on a mobile or tablet.


Submitting Information