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Our school ducks

Our School Ducks


We are delighted to welcome into school our school ducks.

Have you seen the photos of the ducks on our Facebook page? We were thrilled that four ducklings hatched in school in April 2022 towards the end of the Spring term. We initially had five eggs that were in a small incubator but, sadly, one didn’t make it.


The children loved informing us that a crack had appeared in the shells as they monitored the ducklings coming into the world. The
ducks will be kept in the secure area behind the Community Room, where the children can go and see them and continue to get a lot of enjoyment from them!

Looking after our ducks in the Holidays (our school families and our community)

Help look after our ducks!

Staff, parents and member of the local community help look after the ducks during the Easter holidays and weekend, booking their slot to care for them while we were not in school.


If anyone is interested in joining a rota to care for the ducks at the weekend or during the holidays, please let the office know.


We have an electronic booking system and people sign up to a morning or an evening slot on a day they know they are free.


It does not take long and we would love to share this with families if people would like.

May 2022 - update

Our new arrivals