** Wishing the staff and pupils a wonderful Summer - see you all in September! **
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We are hoping that the snow will not disrupt school tomorrow and we will endeavour to ensure school is open as usual.  We shouldn't need to close and we will only do so if there is any risk to the children, staff or visitors.  


Snow Plan


1) On the first day of snow all staff will attempt to get to school unless this poses a risk to them. If they are delayed they will ring HT to inform. If they are unable to depart they will also inform HT as soon as possible. Staff should not put themselves at risk.


2) Decisions to close the school are made by the HT in consultation with staff/governors who live close to the school. Where possible the HT will attempt to reach the school. A minimum of 4 teaching staff are needed to operate the school safely.


3) If school is closed the HT will text staff members as soon as possible. Staff should ensure that their mobile contacts are kept up to date.


4)  The school will also inform parents through the text service and the school website.


5) HT will inform website manager of closure/changes to school travel/ meals provision and the website manager will add a message to website.


6) If school is open, but there are changes to school meals, the text service will inform parents along with the website and our Facebook page.


7) If there is heavy snow during the school day the Head Teacher will observe conditions. If conditions on the road are poor, and there are concerns about parents being able to safely collect children, then a text message will be sent out to say that the school is closing.


8) Staff will stay with the children until the last child has been collected. At all times risk assessments will be made as to the safety of the school site for children, staff and parents - this includes all steps and pathways.


9) If the snow is heavy, a pathway will be cleared to the main entrance to the school and children will be able to come straight in at 8.35am. This will be necessary if there is heavy snow as it may not be possible to clear the playground effectively.


10) The HT and staff will ensure that the pathway around the car park is cleared to allow people to walk round.


11) If school is closed parents should encourage their child(ren) to log on to the school website and access activities that are linked there.