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Coronavirus Updates

Coronavirus - Information for Parents at Pennington Junior School





This section of our web site aim is to provide you with the latest information about Covid-19, we will be adding details as they become available. Please check regularly - this is an unprecedented situation but we will be doing our best to update this section information for parents, it will change regularly.


The updates for January 2021 - are on our new temporary page

- you will find it here:
JANUARY 2021 updates.


The rest of the information on this page is still relevant and current.


Coronavirus Symptons and School Advice

Covid- 19

To ensure the safety of the school community, please do not send children to school if they are feeling poorly.  If anyone in your family shows any symptoms of Covid-19 we ask that you self-isolate until you have a negative test result.  We will be monitoring the temperatures of all staff daily and we ask that if your child has a temperature, they do not come to school even if they feel well.  If they become ill during the school day, we have a small, well-ventilated room for them to wait in until they are collected.  Adults will wear PPE when working with children if they show symptoms of Covid-19.


We have created a Covid-10 Scenario Factsheet for parents to answer you questions about what to do if:

Covid -19 Symptoms

It goes through a variety of scenerios from having symptoms, to to someone in the household testing postive, to being contacted by NHS Test and Trace - to travelling outside the UK and Sheilding.

Your can read it here: Covid Scenerio FactSheet


Continued measures in school and a reminder of Symptoms


  • To ensure children’s safety, social distancing measures will be in force in the school corridor, on the stairs and in the hall.
  • Outdoor play will observe social distancing rules outside of the class bubble and any equipment that is used will be cleaned after use.
  • School toilets will only accommodate one pupil at a time to ensure social distancing rules are observed
  • Water fountains will be turned off so children cannot use these. 
  • Cleaning of touch points and facilities has been increased across the school site.
  • Children are encouraged to wash hands at regular intervals.

If your child falls ill at school, you will be contacted to collect them.



If your child develops any of the 3 following symptoms, whether at school or at home, your child must self-isolate and you must arrange a test for them.

  •  a new persistent cough
  •  loss of taste or smell
  •  a high temperature

If your child seems unwell, is getting worse or you think there is something seriously wrong, call 999.

This letter from NHS Test and Trace explains when you should book a test if your children has any of these 3 symptoms - you can find it here: When to book a Covid-19 Test.




If your child does not have any of the COVID-19 symptoms but does;

  •  Feel unwell but has a temperature of less than 37.8c,
  • Vomit or has diarrhoea,
  • Have a sore throat,
  •  Have a loss of appetite,
  •  Have a rash,
  • Have fatigue / aches,
  • or have any other general illnesses or is feeling unwell....

 you are advised to monitor the child closely.
If any of the 3 main COVID-19 symptoms develop you must follow the government guidance on self-isolation and arrange a test for your child.

The school will contact you after 48 hours to check if your child has been COVID-19 symptom free.
If your child does not develop one of the three main COVID-19 symptoms, they can return to school 48 hours after the symptoms have stopped.

All children and members of their households in England have access to testing if they display symptoms of coronavirus, including children under 5. A positive test will ensure rapid action to protect other children and staff in their setting. Tests can be accessed through the NHS website or by calling 119.


More Information was on our 1st newsletter of the school year or can be downloaded here: Covid -19 Advice and School Action Plan.

Covid Symptom Study


Pennington Junior School has partnered with the COVID Symptom Study to help make sure our students are as safe as possible as we head back to the classroom, whilst doing our part in creating the world’s largest scientific dataset of COVID-19 in children.

Covid Symptom Study


What is the COVID Symptom Study app and why should you use it?


The COVID Symptom Study app is a not-for-profit initiative that was launched at the end of March 2020 to support vital COVID-19 research. The app was launched by health science company ZOE with scientific analysis provided by King’s College London. Now, with over 4 million contributors globally, the Study is the world’s largest ongoing study of COVID-19. The app also provides unique insight on asymptomatic and symptomatic information across the UK which builds into a larger picture for the government and captures information not covered by other means. The Government has been so impressed with the data and research being produced it is now funding ZOE to continue the great work.

We are asking all parents to join the COVID Symptom Study now, by downloading the free app and taking less than 1min a day to report how your child/children are feeling each day. With all parents reporting daily via the app, the app will provide a powerful tool for helping the school and parents understand COVID in the community and help keep our students safe. Importantly, the information you report will be invaluable to critical scientific research into COVID in children and for public health purposes - the Study will be sure to share any findings from their research with you.


You can read more in the newsletter that was sent to all parents - including how to connect with our school network - you can view a copy here:


Changes we have made in school to help keep us all safe.




As we continue to try to minimise the risk of COVID-19 in the Pennington community, we ask for the support and understanding of our visitors.

Please read our COVID-19 guidelines for visitors.


We are asking for the support and understanding of our visitors in helping us minimise the risk of COVID-19.


We continues to take guidance from Public Health England. Taking this into account, we are now limiting access to the site to essential visitors only.


If you are unsure as to whether your proposed visit is considered essential, please contact the school on or ring on 01590 672104


If your visit to the school is an essential one, we would nevertheless ask that you refrain from visiting if:

  • you have travelled from or transited through any of the countries or areas that are currently on ‘lockdown’ in the past 14 days.
  • you have developed a fever (above 37.8C) or a new, continuous cough within the last seven days.


Along with all members of the PJS community, any visitors to the School should wash their hands with soap and water before leaving home and once they arrive at the school.


For the avoidance of potential embarrassment, we would also like to advise you that the School is currently operating a ‘no handshake’ policy for all members of its community.


We apologise for not being able to give you our usual warm welcome, but we must take the current situation very seriously and look after the welfare of our pupils and staff. If you have any questions, please contact the member of staff you were due to visit.

Online learning with Google Classrooms

Online Learning with Pennington Junior School



Details of our remote learning opportunities can now be found on a dedictaed page. - Remote Learning


The School Library and Borrowing Books

It is very important that children are able to continue to borrow reading books from school.  Our new library system, which we will launch in September, will allow children to choose books virtually and we will then provide those books for children to take home.  When they return these, they will be left for 72 hours to ensure they are virus free before anyone else is allowed to borrow them.  

The same principle will apply to reading scheme books, we have invested in both KS1 and KS2 Rising Stars online library to ensure as many children as possible have access to the books that they need. If children do not have online access to books, they will still be able to borrow scheme books from school and we will quarantine these for 72 hours when they are returned.

Pastoral Care for all children


The past few months have been challenging for everyone and we are aware that some children may have struggled with this more than others.  We will offer ELSA support as well as whole class ‘circle times’ to give children time to discuss and share their experiences and help them to transition back to school happily.

Site Map for Return to School

Our One Way School Site


A walking one-way system has been introduced for dropping off and collecting pupils. Pupils and parents will enter through the car park gate and parents can then exit via the pedestrian gate in front of the office observing social distancing rules. Any parents needing to escort pupils to the school door will be asked to follow the one-way system and leave via the side gate into the alley adjacent to Tesco.  We will encourage communication through phone calls and email but if it is essential to talk to office staff, please ensure only one person is in the office foyer and anyone waiting to stand on the bees outside the office doors. Adults are more likely to pass on and to catch the virus so we need to ensure we are all keeping a good distance from each other. Be alert.