We are looking forward to seeing year 5 on Monday 13th July - 9am until 1pm
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Classroom News

School Closure Information - Coronavirus


Please see below for the latest information from Pennington Junior School regarding School Closures and Coronavirus including newsletters, learning information and how to get involved in sharing your work with school.


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Home Learning


We have lots and lots of opportunities for homelearning - from classroom work to whole school challenges - please check out your year group below and come back often to see any updates.


We would love to feature you work in the gallery below:
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These email addresses should only be used to share any work from home - not to contact the school !

Classroom News and Topics


Below you will find links to the upper school and lower school classrooms and working groups. Here you can discover more about the current topics that your children are working on and ways that you can help reinforce their learning at home.

PJS Staff - Don't Stop Me Now

The team at PJS are missing seeing everyone. We hope you are all safe and well and that this video hopefully brightens your Friday. Thinking of each and every one of our PJS family.
(Disclaimer- this is just a bit of fun and no one was hurt in the making!)
Sending lots of love and cheer to all. X

Half Term Challenges

Star of the Week


Each week during the school closures we are going to try and present the Pennington Junior School Star of the week award.  If you have a nomination then please let us know and the reason why you think they should be featured and they may be lucky enough to appear in our star of the week gallery.

Share you nominations to:
The email addresses are: and

These should only be used to share any work from home.

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Easter Challenge


Here are some challenges for you (and your family) were challenged to participate in over Easter.

    Can you create a piece of artwork (2D or 3D) which shows or represents your family in a creative way?e.g.  You could make yourself a family of elephantswhich reflectyour personalities, using old milk bottles
    Create a dance for your favourite song.  You could record this as a tutorial for us all to learn.Or Write a song about anything of your choice.  You could rewrite the words to a tune you already know or write an original
    Can you create a sculpture out of ice cubes?I am sure you can do better than Mrs Forrest’s attempt at Elsa’s ice palace!
    Create an Easter bonnet.  Be as imaginative and as resourceful as you can!You could have an Easter bonnet fashion show or parade
    Do something around the house to help out or get involved in a home improvement project.  You could help with the housework,spring clean your bedroom, help plan and cook a meal or help with a DIY project.
    Do some stargazing.  If you have a garden, go out on a clear evening and see what constellations you can identify.  If you don’t have a garden, what can you see from your window?  If you have binoculars or a telescope, have a look at the moon. You could download a free star gazing app to help you identify constellations and planets.
    Lots of children have been painting rainbows and putting them in their windows.  Can you create some Easter pictures or bright and cheerful pictures to put up in your windows to cheer up people passing by?
    Design and make a board game or treasure hunt for your family to play.  Itcould have an Easter theme.


We would love to feature you work in the gallery below:
The email addresses are: and 

These should only be used to share any work from home. 

Club and Activity News


 In the parents section of our web site there are details of our school clubs, this is a great place too find out what we do! You could come and join in to any of the following:


  • Breakfast Clubs
  • Afterschool Clubs
  • Homework Clubs
  • School Discos
  • Summers Camps
  • Residentials
  • Youth Clubs


Who knew school couuld be so much FUN!



Displays around the school


We love being able to celebrate the children's achievements and work around the school.  This is just some of the work you can see around the school.