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Home Learning


All children are now to see what they need to learn whilst wokring remotely on the "Remote Learning" Pages.

All childre are able to access learning through their "Google Classroom"  This design enables us to make the materials that will/can be used by the staff with the children who are on the school site also available for use by those children at home.


Please note: We will no longer be uploading learning materials to the school website - only to your child's google classroom.


Help your child join our google classroom


We have created  a detailed log in guide on computers or mobile devices, to help with troubleshooting. These are now on our FAQ page.


Once your account is created you can log onto your google classroom anytime here: My Pennington Junior School Classroom.


You can access a how to video on the remote learning page

Club and Activity News


We hope to reintroduce our clubs and activities in the future once we have discovered a Covid-19 Secure way of doing so and the Goverment Guidelines allow us to safely. The latest information about this is in our newsletter.

In the parents section of our web site there are details of our school clubs, this is a great place too find out what we do! You could come and join in to any of the following:


  • Breakfast Clubs
  • Afterschool Clubs
  • Homework Clubs
  • School Discos
  • Summers Camps
  • Residentials
  • Youth Clubs


Who knew school couuld be so much FUN!



Displays around the school


We love being able to celebrate the children's achievements and work around the school.  This is just some of the work you can see around the school.

PJS Staff - Don't Stop Me Now

The team at PJS are missing seeing everyone whilst school was closed in the Spring / Summer of 2020 and they made this video to make everyone smile..

(Disclaimer- this is just a bit of fun and no one was hurt in the making!)

Sending lots of love and cheer to all. X

Archived Classroom news


Archived classroom news - these pages are no longer updated (November 2020) they have been left on the site for a short time in case any of the children have been enjoying the class stories and videos.


The email addresses are: and 


These email addresses should only be used to share any work from home - not to contact the school !

They are not monitored at present