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Year 3

The summer fete was a great success.  Thank you to everyone involved in making it so special. Year 3 were so proud of their hand decorated pots and home grown plants which looked great on the stall.  The cakes, many of which were made by Year 3, also looked (and tasted) really fantastic! 


We had a busy three days preparing our goods to sell including deciding on the price of our pots and cakes and decorating them, making posters, which fit well into our English topic of persuasive writing, and all this on top of preparing for sports day! 


It's hard to believe it's almost the final two weeks of term! On Tuesday it is transition morning and the children will be meeting their new teachers, or in some cases their new class mates from Year 2.  We have some exciting activities planned to help the children get ready for next term.


In maths we will be working on subtracting 1, 2 and 3-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers using the column method.  We will look at number and word problems as well exploring reasoning and problem solving questions.  


In English we will spend a week on persuasive writing with the outcome of the children creating adverts for a new youth club.  The best one will be picked to advertise the club on the PJS website.  The following week the children will look at poetry and the outcome for this unit will be to write their own shape poem about our topic All Things Bright and Beautiful.


In art we will be concluding our William Morris topic by making books marks featuring one of his prints.  The children will use their watercolour skills as well practising their knowledge of repeating patterns. 


In science we will be concluding our plant topic with learning how water travels through plants.


We will also be practising our singing - we have been learning the song This is Me from The Greatest Showman.  We have listened to, reviewed and practised the song - now for the performance! 


Picture 1
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Picture 3
Picture 4

We've have a very scientific two-weeks in Year 3! As well as tending to our growing plants for the school fete we have also been observing runner beans growing in four different conditions.  The children have been very careful to work scientifically and have made sure that the testing is fair and the observations accurate.  We have four plants growing with sunlight and water, four with sunlight and no water, four with no sunlight and water and four with no sunlight and no water. After one week the children were surprised by the results! The final observation day is tomorrow so remember to check the blog next week for the results!


We have also learnt about the lifecycle of flowering plants including pollination and seed dispersal with some fun outside activities and the children made and tested their own seed dispersers outside in different conditions to see how far they travelled. 


In maths we completed our unit on money and started our new unit adding and subtracting numbers using the column method.  Once again the children did outstandingly well in the money 'hot' task with most getting 6 or 7 out of 7! We will continue with adding 3-digit numbers by 3-digit numbers with exchange at the beginning of the week and then move on to subtraction. 


In English we concluded our topic on the book Where the Wild Things Are.  The children wrote a fantastic story about their own wild things and the wild adventures they went on.  Their writing showed a huge progress and we are extremely proud of ourselves! We have moved on to writing an information leaflet for a Year 2 child that will be coming up to our school in September.  The children will complete these this week and one will be chosen and made up on the computer to show as an example of the outstanding work we produce in Year 3.


In Art we had the absolute pleasure of the artist Aimee Durnell visiting lower school and running a watercolour workshop.  The standard of the children's work was excellent and Aimee commented, "I really enjoyed my day with Pennington Junior School". 


We started to learn about the famous artist William Morris last week and this week we will be learning more about his prints and making our own - a possible future wallpaper in the making! 


Please, please, please try to read with, and to your children as much as possible. Red Kites have library time on a Monday afternoon so look out for some new books coming home to share!



Picture 1 Daisy's artwork from the water colour workshop
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Wow what a great start to our new half-term topic!


We started the week off with a fabulous fun launch day! We kicked things off with some planting – we planted runner beans, peas and a selection of flowers. Our outcome for this topic is to grow, bake and make things to sell at the PJS school fete on Friday 5th July! Over the coming weeks the children will care for their plants, plan recipes for cakes, then make them. Think about pricing their goods and make posters to attract customers. We have a very enterprising half-term!


Following planting we went on a nature walk around the school grounds to look at the flora and fauna on our doorstep. The children were surprised to find a wide selection of wild flowers, some of which we took back to the classroom to investigate further.


An afternoon of art followed, and the children made dandelion flower paintings and paper plate gardens, all to decorate the classrooms and turn it into our own wild garden!


We had a very successful week in maths! We completed our unit of work on statistics and all the children showed a high level of improvement. We have moved onto our new unit of work – money. Over the next two weeks the children will deepen their knowledge about the value of coins and notes and understand the values they represent; convert pounds and pence; add and subtract money and give change. A great way to help their learning at home is to take your child shopping with you and help them to add up items you buy, pay for them with cash and try to work out the change!


In English we started our new book – Where the Wild Things Are. The children really enjoyed listening to the story and started to draw inferences about the characters feelings throughout the book using role-play and paired talking. Next week we will be looking at speech, writing style and setting. Please continue to listen to your child read at home, and also read to them which helps enormously with their own reading skills.


In art we learnt about the artist, Georgia O’Keefe. The children had a great afternoon sketching flowers in her style of art and then using watercolours to create their own masterpieces! This was in preparation for the watercolour workshop on Tuesday being held by local artist Aimee Durnell.


This week in Science the children learnt about the parts of a flower and their functions. Mrs Russell brought in some beautiful tulips that the children dissected and tried to match up to the correct label. Next week the children will plan and set up an investigation in what plants need to grow and survive and also how water is transported around plants.

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Welcome back to the second-half of the Summer Term! Our topic for this half term is 'All Things Bright and Beautiful', which is our Science topic for this term. 

Thank you so much to everyone that joined us for our Summer Term 'outcome' afternoon.  It was great to see the children proudly showing all their hard work.  We have loved our Under the Sea topic and have learnt so much about the oceans and sea creatures as well as writing some fabulous diary entries, newspaper reports and sea animal posters.


Here are a few pictures of the children's creative work in the Red Kites classroom....

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Another busy week in Year 3! 


The children worked so hard in maths learning the 8 times table and were able to recall lots of number facts between the 2, 4 and 8 tables. Next week we move on to statistics and we start on Monday with pictograms.  The children will conduct their own surveys using tally charts and then put the information on to scaled pictograms.  We then move on to bar charts and interpreting information from tables using addition and subtraction skills to answer questions accurately.


In English the children continued their work on newspaper report writing and moved on from the introduction to the first two paragraphs where they needed to go into more detail about a story.  At the end of the week they started learning about including reported and direct speech in their articles.  We will look more at this on Monday before working on writing a headline! The children will then write their own newspaper reports on an exciting event....! 


In art we had great fun learning about the artist Paul Klee and the children created some fantastic artwork in the style of the painting 'The Goldfish'.  To conclude our topic, 'Under the sea', this week we are learning about the different layers of the sea and the sorts of creatures that live there! 


The children are really looking forward to showing their work to their guests on Friday. 



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Last week in maths we started work on multiplying and dividing by 8.  The children played lots of games and even created some artwork around dividing by 8! We will continue to working with 8 this week and will start to look at word problems continuing to use lots of resources.  We move on to the 8 times table later in the week.


In English we started our newspaper reports and the children were very good at spotting the 5w's in the sample texts and have started to write their own introductions.  This week we will be writing our first two paragraphs looking at going into more detail about the report as well as using the features of newspaper report writing.


We start our art topic this week, learning about the famous artist Paul Klee.  The children will try to create a piece of art work in the style of his picture 'The Goldfish'.  They will use their sketch books to practise sketching and looking at colours and also to plan their work.  Next they will create a piece of art using the technique wax resist.  Their work will then be displayed in the school for everyone to enjoy.



I think we are all pleased to see the return of the sunshine! 


In maths this week we learnt to compare and order fractions with the same numerators and denominators.  The children were excellent at this and we used lots of practical examples to embed the learning.  Using cake to compare fractions was very popular with the children! We also worked on adding and subtracting fractions and again the children were very successful in this.  Next week we are moving on to multiplying by 8 and finding lots of ways to learn our eight times table.  Any help they can get at home with this would be fantastic for the children - grouping objects into sets of eight and adding them together and recording the results, counting in eight's when playing or try pointing out any patterns in the numbers.


In English we completed our work on the book Flotsam and the children are now all experts in using fronted adverbials in their writing and the features of diary writing.  We are now moving on to writing newspaper reports and the outcome is the children writing their own newspaper report.  If you have any newspapers at home please share them with your child and if they could bring them in to school to share with the class that would also be really useful. 


In topic we worked on making a poster about a chosen sea animal and the children have been using writing pens to improve their handwriting and presentation skills.  Next week we are looking at food chains of sea creatures and how energy is transferred.


Please continue to encourage your child to read to you and themselves at home everyday if possible.  If they have read a book and have really enjoyed it we always love to hear about it in class!


Have a lovely bank holiday! 


Pitctures from the week

Pitctures from the week  1
Pitctures from the week  2
Pitctures from the week  3

W/B: 23/04/18


In maths this week we have been continuing our work with fractions.  We have been finding equivalent fractions using lots of different resources which has really helped with our understanding. Next week we will look at comparing and ordering fractions - there may even be some pizza involved! 


In English we have been writing diary entries for our topic book, Flotsam.  The children have been delving into their imaginations to try to imagine what it was like to be on a hot beach hunting for sea creatures and finding exciting treasure! They have focused on using fronted adverbials and conjunctions in their writing as well working on improving handwriting.  We have continued reading our class book, Varjak Paw and the children have drawn some lovely illustrations of the characters. 


In topic we have started planning our sea creature posters and the children worked on the computers to do some research on one animal.  They were learning how to pick out relevant information from the text and make notes on a planning sheet - not easy when there is so much information available! However, I think we all learnt some new and interesting facts about our chosen animals. 


Please continue to listen to your child read as often as possible and also to practise those times tables! 


Hello and welcome back after the Easter break! 

This week in lower school we started our new topic, 'Under the Sea'.  We will shortly be adding a curriculum map so you can see what the children will be learning in each subject.

On Monday we had a very busy day creating lots of fun under the sea inspired arts and crafts to decorate our classrooms. The children did an incredible job and it now feels like walking into a giant aquarium!

We also had a visit from Hampshire County Council Catering Services (who provide the school lunches) and each year group took part in a healthy eating workshop. The children learnt all about the different food groups and what drinks contain the most sugar.  I think we all enjoyed the delicious fruit kebabs at the end!

In English, we started to look at our new book Flotsam and children worked on making predictions and planning diary entries.  Our summer term class book is Varjak Paw  

Finally the sun came out which gave us the chance to take our maths work outside and Year 3 had some great active maths sessions learning more about fractions.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Our new Curriculum Map for Spring Term 2018!

Our new Curriculum Map for Spring Term 2018!  1

Welcome to Year 3!


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