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Year 3 & 4 Victorian Day

On Tuesday 22nd Jan year 3 and 4 went to Beaulieu for our Victorian Dad. We all dressed up in Victoria clothes. When we arrived we met a lady called Miss Clark.  She was the governess at Palace house. The first room we saw was the smoking room and we learnt that only men smoked in that room. After that we went into the kitchen and Miss Clark told us that one of the kitchen maids would get a lump of sugar and bash it to smaller pieces. We then met Lady Maria and she showed us lots of different Victorian toys. She told us that some of the toys they had are still around today! In the last room we visited we learnt that children had to walk properly. In the Afternoon we visited the motor museum where Dorothy Levitt showed us some Victorian cars. Our final part of the day was to visit the ‘Wheels’ ride. This showed us how cars had changed in the last 100 years. We had a great day and learnt loads!

Jasmine Broomfield and Mackenna Read

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