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The Nest


Name of provision

The Nest Nurture Group

Aims of the programme

To develop the skills young children need in order to learn: the ability to settle, listen, concentrate, share and make friends.

Description of programme

Small class of up to 8 children taught by two HLTAs and a TA, overseen by the SENCO. Children spend most of the day in the nurture group room. The learning is very structured with specific reward systems and opportunities to develop group work skills.

Target Group

Children who are unable to respond in a mainstream class, are seriously disruptive or withdrawn, and failing to learn because their basic emotional and social needs have not been met previously.

Entry level

Scores on Boxall Profile that indicate developmental levels well below those expected of competently functioning children, or behaviours which are preventing the child making progress both academically and socially.

Exit level

Teacher judgement based on changes to Boxall Profile or use of Nurture Group Reintegration Readiness Scale (Doyle, 2001) - numerical score 218 (70%) or above

Length of intervention

Two to five terms



Delivered by

HLTAs and TAs

Suggested start date

Any time


Group of up to 12

Assessment Method

Boxall Profile

Monitoring arrangements

HT/SENCO observation using checklist of criteria for effective nurture groups from Nurture Group Network